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Understanding the side effects and interactions of medicine

Medication therapy management (also called MTM) helps you with your medicine. You’ll meet with a pharmacist who will review all the medicines you’re taking to make sure they’re working the best they can. The goal of MTM is to make sure your mix of medicines is safe, effective and matches your lifestyle.

Do I get MTM with my insurance?

You’re eligible for MTM if you’re a HealthPartners UnityPoint Health member. The program is not considered a Part D benefit.

How can I enroll in MTM?

The program is free if you have prescription drug coverage with HealthPartners UnityPoint Health. If you're not automatically enrolled, you can email us at and we’ll help you with the enrollment process.

You automatically get enrolled if you:

  • Take eight or more chronic medicines
  • Have three or more of these chronic conditions:
    • Congestive heart failure (CHF)
    • Diabetes
    • End-stage renal disease (ESRD)
    • Depression
    • Respiratory disease
  • Expect your medicine costs to be greater than $4,255 in a year

After you’re automatically enrolled, you receive a letter telling you what your next steps are. You can schedule an appointment or you can choose to opt out if you don’t want to be a part of the program.

Meeting with the clinical pharmacist for MTM

You’ll start with a private one-on-one appointment with a clinical pharmacist. This usually lasts about an hour. During this meeting, the pharmacist will review your medicines and make sure they’re safe, effective and appropriate for your lifestyle.

Getting answers to important questions

Your clinical pharmacist will help you answer these questions:

  • Why am I taking these medicines?
  • Am I taking the right medicines?
  • Is the medicine working as effectively as possible?
  • Am I having side effects?
  • Have I had the right tests to ensure the drugs aren’t hurting me?
  • Are non-prescription medicines interacting with my prescriptions?
  • Can I save money on prescriptions?

After the meeting, you’ll receive a list of your medicines and an action plan to share with your doctor. If your pharmacist has suggestions to improve your medicines, he or she will work with you and your doctor to make those changes.

The good news? You can follow up with your pharmacist as much as needed to make sure your medicines are working as effectively as possible.

It might be helpful to download a blank personal medication list. You can use this list to keep track of your meds.

Other questions about MTM?

We’re happy to provide more info. Get in touch with Member Services or feel free to email us at:

Last updated October 2019

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