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Group insurance

Group health insurance coverage for employers

With the worlds of business, finance and HR constantly changing, it helps to have someone you can rely on. That’s why we’re here to be your partner, helping with solutions that lower costs, ease administration, and keep employees healthy and satisfied.

As a nonprofit health care organization, we answer to our members and partners – not shareholders. We prioritize reinvesting in our plans, developing new and innovative services, and maximizing health while minimizing cost. Now’s a great time to see where we can go together.

We build our plans on market expertise and proven strategies – all with the goal of improving employee health while lowering total cost of care. And with national coverage options, our coast-to-coast solutions can serve your employees, wherever they may be.

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health offers group medical insurance to organizations based in Iowa.Our national solutions serve members across the country.

HealthPartners also offers group dental plans in Iowa.

Our comprehensive, research-based approach to employer-sponsored insurance helps reduce expenses, improve employee health, build engagement and simplify administration. Learn more below at healthpartners.com.

Through proactive care strategies, data modeling and human-centered connections, we help companies keep health care costs down.

Knowledge is power. Proven to offer transparent contracting and savings, our RxRevealed Guarantee delivers unparalleled value.

Our health and well-being solutions help improve employee health, increase engagement and reduce costs.

A variety of solutions gives you the flexibility to help meet your employees’ needs – at work, at home or across the country.

Our simple tools make it easy for both members and employers to manage plans. (But locally based help is only a phone call away, too.)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

As an integrated nonprofit health care organization, we use unique insights gathered from our health plans, research institute, hospitals and clinics to identify the causes of rising costs. Then, we use this knowledge to develop effective approaches that reduce expenses while still maintaining high standards of care and transparency. Find out how our approaches to health care cost management and pharmacy benefit management are already delivering real, money-saving results for our clients and members.

Access to a nationwide network helps ensure your employees can get in-network care, no matter where they work in the United States. In addition, coverage for telemedicine options – like Virtuwell – makes it easier for employees to get care in ways that work for them.

For years, we’ve been working to create choices and options that deliver the right care at the right place at the right time – no matter where that right place happens to be.

From our experience, companies that place an emphasis on employee health and well-being have fewer claims, healthier habits, increased job satisfaction and improved productivity. With our unique workplace programs and money-saving incentives, we partner closely with clients to build and maintain healthy, high-performing workplaces.

When faced with multiple options for where to take their careers, candidates on the job market are looking beyond the basics of salary and getting into the details of benefits.

By offering health care benefits that are comprehensive, flexible and affordable – alongside a user-friendly and hassle-free member experience – employers can better motivate employees to join (and stick with) their teams.

One of the first things that new clients and members notice when joining us is that, from the very beginning, working with us feels different – more friendly, more personal and more genuine than what they’ve experienced before. That’s a direct result of the locally based service and support that our clients and members receive from minute one.

From knowledgeable, one-on-one assistance focused on first call resolution to user-friendly, comprehensive digital tools, including our convenient mobile app, we make finding answers painless for employers and employees alike – all from people who seek true connections with the members we serve.

We provide ample resources and information for new members to make confident, well-informed decisions about their plan. We also have easy-to-use tools that make managing care simple, available by web or mobile app. In addition, plan members can make improvements for healthier living through our resources like Living Well and Healthy Discounts℠ . And of course, if your employees have questions or need additional help, our locally based member service is ready to help with whatever’s needed.

We offer medical plans with designs, networks and funding options to meet the needs of Iowa businesses and organizations of all sizes. See our small group medical and large group medical plans for more information, as well as how to get in touch with a member of our team.

In addition, group dental plans in Iowa are available through HealthPartners.

Get more information about group health insurance plans at our blog on healthpartners.com: