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Broker solutions for Iowa and Illinois

Partnership. Not only is it how HealthPartners UnityPoint Health came to be, it’s also the spirit that drives our approach with members, clients and brokers. That means close collaboration, making it easier to create and present the best solutions possible to your clients. It also means giving you more information, insight and access, including:

  • In-depth details about our medical plans
  • Proactive, strategic collaboration on addressing your clients’ needs
  • A wide variety of sales materials and training tools
  • A personalized online broker account, including client management services and toolkits
  • One-on-one support and collaboration, provided by our dedicated teams

When we work together – making the connections and providing the plans that bring your clients closer to their goals – we succeed together. Let’s get started.

As a nonprofit health care organization, our commitment to the people we serve – members, clients, brokers, consultants and more – is at the heart of all we do. See how improving health and well-being through our solutions is central to our mission (at healthpartners.com).

Innovative plans mean fresh solutions to client challenges. Learn more about our approaches.

Build your business with tools, resources and teams ready to help.

Ready to team up? Find out how to bring our impactful, proven solutions to your clients.

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health offers group medical insurance products and Medicare products in Iowa,along with Medicare products in Illinois. Our national solutions serve members across the country.

For 51+ employee companies, innovative and cost-effective plans with nationwide networks

For <51 employee companies, simple solutions designed to help growing businesses thrive

Affordable, flexible Medicare Advantage plans with great perks and benefits

HealthPartners also offers group dental plans in Iowa.