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Evidence of Coverage

Your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) explains what the plan covers, how much you pay and more. Your EOC also includes:

  • Information about in- and out-of-network coverage rules
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a member
  • Your rights and responsibilities if you disenroll
  • Our rights and responsibilities if you disenroll

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health Align EOC

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health Symmetry EOC

To see all out-of-network coverage rules, please see Chapter 3 of your EOC.

Annual Notice of Changes

Your Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) describes changes to your plan's coverage, costs or administration. These changes are effective starting in January.

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health Align ANOC

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health Symmetry ANOC

The Summary of Benefits outlines what each plan covers and what you’ll pay for those services. The booklet doesn’t list everything that we cover, or every limitation or exclusion. For a full list of covered services, see the Evidence of Coverage.

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health Summary of Benefits

If you have concerns about the care you received, you can get more info on filing an appeal or grievance or requesting a coverage decision. You can also learn about appointing a representative and completing the form.

In addition, you can take a look at the Medicare complaint form and see info from the Medicare Ombudsman Center.

Find doctors, clinics and pharmacies

Search the directory online

Search the directory to find a doctor or clinic that’s in your network:

See the entire directory

Call 888-360-0544 (TTY 711) to have a directory mailed to you. You can also view or download the provider or pharmacy directory:

Want help understanding your meds? There’s no cost to have a pharmacist review your medicine.

This list contains prior authorization (PA) and step therapy requirements for network providers for certain services and Part B drugs.

If you’re eligible for Part D, you can sign up for prescription drug coverage, which includes a formulary (drug list).

The drug list for HealthPartners UnityPoint Health is a comprehensive drug list. A comprehensive drug list is the entire list of drugs covered by a Part D plan. A team of pharmacists and doctors selects these drugs. Our experts review information on new medicines and compare it to the medicines that are already on the list. The goal? To make sure our drug list has the safest and most effective medicines.

Browse the formulary (drug list)

Additional Part D resources include:

Other Medicare plan information

Get info on:

If you’re a HealthPartners member, you can find your materials here.

Legal information

Last updated October 2020

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