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Can’t make it to a meeting? Follow these video guides.

You want to feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the right Medicare plan – and with helpful information you can make the right decision.

Take a look at our videos for more info on HealthPartners UnityPoint Health. You’ll learn about our Medicare Advantage plan options, the parts of Medicare and more.

Medicare video chapter guide

Chapter 1: Hello! We’d like to introduce ourselves

Learn more about HealthPartners UnityPoint Health.

Chapter 2: Medicare basics

Become familiar with the four parts of Medicare.

Chapter 3: How does Medicare Part D work?

Get more details on how Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage works.

Chapter 4: Enrolling in Original Medicare and other helpful resources

Learn how and when to enroll in Original Medicare. Get answers to your questions and learn where to find other helpful resources.

Chapter 5: $0 premiums + why buy a private plan?

Learn how we can offer a $0 premium plan option. Plus, see how private plans help you get extra coverage for the things Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Chapter 6: Medicare plan benefits

Find out about our plans’ low copays and limits on yearly out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Chapter 7: Prescription drug coverage

See the details of our plans’ prescription drug coverage.

Chapter 8: Extra benefits and perks

See extra benefits and perks included in our plans that may not be included in Original Medicare or Supplement plans.

Chapter 9: Joining HealthPartners UnityPoint Health

Get the basics on joining a HealthPartners UnityPoint Health plan.

Attend an in-person meeting

Remember, we constantly update our meeting times and locations. Check to see if there’s a time and location that works for you.

Find a meeting

Get even more info on Medicare

Get tips on navigating Part D prescription drug coverage and basic Medicare info with our Medicare 101 infographic .

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Last updated October 2019

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