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About HealthPartners UnityPoint Health

Bringing you new options that fit your lifestyle and piggy bank.

We’re stronger together

UnityPoint Health and HealthPartners have joined forces to offer a new health care and insurance option. HealthPartners UnityPoint Health combines your local leader in health care with a proven insurance leader. The result — better plans that simplify your life.

A little competition can be a good thing. And we think the market is ready for competition in the health care and insurance industry. We’re stepping up to the challenge with a business that promotes innovation and drives continuous improvement.

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Your doctors

Continue getting care from the UnityPoint Health doctors you know, and others who are in network.


Your insurance

Feel good knowing your insurance plan supports your need for staying healthy.


Your partners

There are 53,000 people working to give you the best outcome. Together, we’re all a team.

About UnityPoint Health

The network of professionals and technology at UnityPoint Health was designed around one point: you. We put you at the center of everything we do. Between your doctor’s office, hospital and home, you’re surrounded by care that’s coordinated to fit you.

Get support from 30,000 employees who are dedicated to providing the best outcome for every patient, every time.

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About HealthPartners

HealthPartners is 23,000 people who believe in the power of good. We provide affordable, high-quality health care and insurance. And we’ve been doing that for almost 60 years.

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